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Command War Planner Tutorials

Published on March 09, 2023

Command War Planner Tutorials

The biggest update ever released in the history of Command: Modern Operations is out, it’s free, and it now has twelve detailed tutorials.
The massive War Planner update boasts dozens of important features, some of which come straight from the Professional Edition. It features hundreds of improvements and numerous changes and bug fixes, adding unprecedented power and flexibility in the organization and automation of complex operations:

•       New AAW missile kinematics & aircraft evasion
•        Multi-Domain Strike Planner
•        Operations Planner
•        Cargo 2.0
•        Revised Mission Editor

You can find a complete playlist here.

Command War Planner Tutorials:
Revised AAW missile kinematics and aircraft evasion 
2.     Ballistic missile and ABM improvements 
Cargo 2.0 
Custom Environment Zones 
Intermittent Emissions 
6.     Operations Planner 
Revised OODA values (reaction times)
8.     Palletized Weapons 
Passive Radar (PCLS) 
Revised Mission Editor 
Multi-Domain Strike Planner 
IRST Improvements 

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